Augur criptovaluta

augur criptovaluta

report if they don't agree. Download Augur to Get Started or view Augur on the Rinkeby testnet. Get Started, use Cases for Augur, political Forecasting. 1, automated Payouts, get paid as soon as a market's winning outcome is declared. The code is in the hands of the users.

There are no limits on what markets can be created. Buy shares to go long on an outcome, or sell shares to short. There's no third party making money from your trades. Event Hedging, hedge against catastrophic events like natural disasters, market crashes, and geopolitical upheaval by betting that the event will occur. Weather Prediction, harness the power of crowds to create a more accurate weather prediction tool for events like hurricane landfalls, heat waves, and daily temperature averages. Anything is fair game, from the next presidential election to the success of a companys product. If not, create one.